Natural Remedies For Toothache

Have you ever suffered from a toothache? If not then you might have seen a relative or a friend who has experienced this problem. The main causes of a toothache include loose filling, cavities, an abscess, a cracked tooth or even a sinus. Toothache relief can either by provided by a dentist or by use of trusted home remedies. A trusted dentist can help you in diagnosing and treating the issue affecting your tooth.

Most of these home remedies have scientifically been proven to help in easing tooth pain. The use of home remedies as a toothache treatment method is increasingly gaining popularity. The following are the main reasons why people prefer using home remedies while treating their toothache problem

Lack of time

Most people are busy throughout the week, and they cannot find time to visit the dentist. These people have opted to use alternative methods to ease the pain as they wait for their appointment. This can give you a temporary solution before a dentist fully addresses your issue.

Fear of treatment

Most people are scared of the pain associated with dental treatment. Others will fear conventional treatment because it is costly. This is the main reason why you will find many people avoiding to seek dental care from a dentist.

Strong believe in natural remedies

Some people have a strong belief in homoeopathic remedies. These individuals will prefer getting a toothache relief without using medical intervention or drugs. They will avoid visiting the dentist at all cost.

The problem with the reasons stated above is that your toothache might develop a more serious problem if you opt to stay for a long period without seeking for treatment. Toothache symptoms are caused by the following factors: cavities, periodontitis, tooth enamel erosion, inflammation of your pulp, temporomandibular joint disorder, sinus pressure, heart attack and angina. The following are some of the popular home remedies for a toothache.


Covering the crack with a gum

You can relieve pain in your broken tooth by exposing it within a soft chewing gum. This can also be done on a tooth which has lost a filing. However, this method might be effective if you have a loose filling. This is done to hold the tooth in place before you get to your dentist. You are advised to stop chewing food with the aching tooth to avoid discomfort until the tooth is fully repaired.

Using the correct tools when brushing

There is a special toothpaste which is designated for the sensitive teeth. This can greatly help you in relieving pain associated with shrinking gums or cold or hot foods. Shrinking of gums can expose the surface of the enamel of the teeth which s very sensitive. A soft-bristled brush can help you in preserving the gum tissues as well as preventing further shrinking.


Washing it with myrrh

This involves rinsing your teeth with myrrh. This herb has astringent and antibacterial properties which help in treating inflammation and killing bacteria. You are supposed to smear your tooth with myrrh solution for about thirty minutes. This is followed by rinsing the tooth with clean water. The procedure is repeated for about five times in a day to get better results.

Other home remedies for a toothache include icing, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, soothing with tea, rinsing with salty water, application of ginger –cayenne paste, use of clove oil and many others.