Health Benefits And Uses Of Marigold

Marigold is one of the medicinal herbs which have impressive health benefits. It is used in making teas, healing ointments, topical treatments, and tinctures. This herb has been in use for the last 1,000 years. Some marigold species are planted in the gardens to give off a pleasing smell, add colour and repel bugs. Some of the major benefits associated with this herb include treating allergies, pain, swelling, eczema, cramps, dermatitis, rashes, muscular injuries, eye inflammation, and fungal infections such as ear infections, ringworm, candida, and athlete ’s foot.

Chemical description of marigold

There are different types of marigold flowers which are grown in various parts of the world. The most medical species is calendula. This variety is native to Mediterranean region and Egypt. Calendula marigolds are rich in active compounds including volatile oils and antioxidants. These constituents are responsible for its strong smell and bright colour. This has made them an ideal option of repelling certain fungi, insects, and pests. These constituents are also helpful in improving its capability of controlling inflammation and improving the flow of blood. Below are the main health benefits associated with marigolds

Neutralizing the effects of free radicals and lowering inflammation

Research has shown that the active chemicals found in manifold have made Marigold be a hepatoprotective, cytotoxic and spasmogenic herb. This has successfully been demonstrated in both human and animal experiments. The extracts obtained from its flowers are also helpful in lowering the levels of cytokine and reactive proteins thereby protecting your cells from free radical damage. Free radical damage is the leading cause of cell deterioration and ageing. Additionally, research has shown that marigolds are also helpful in fighting the growth and multiplication of bacteria in fresh wounds. It is also used in reducing the symptoms associated with cancer and chemotherapy treatments.

Reducing conjunctivitis and eye inflammation

Research findings have proven that extracts obtained from candela can be used in treating chronic ocular inflammation and conjunctivitis. These extracts have potent antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and immune-stimulating properties. These properties have made them very effective in reducing eye infections as well as protecting vision by guarding the delicate eye’s cells and tissues against oxidative damage, UV light, and ageing.

Naturally repelling bugs

Marigolds have a pungent odour and high contents of volatile oils and antioxidants which are effective in repelling pests, mosquitoes and other insects. This is the main reason why marigold flowers are planted in the vegetable gardens. Their extracts are also used in making bug or room sprays to keep away mosquitoes.

Healing burns, rashes, and skin wounds

People have been using marigolds since the ancient times in reducing redness, itchiness, swelling, dryness, and sensitivity on irritated skin. Besides, it has a powerful ability in promoting the growth of new tissues, increasing the flow of blood, and boosting the production of collagen which strengthens and firms skin.


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