Three Extreme Sports for the Thrill Seekers

To some people, exercising does not mean going to a gym and sweating by using a treadmill. They need something more challenging to stimulate their adrenaline and dopamine. They want to do sports that force themselves to their limits. They are craving to see how far they manage to coordinate their body under extreme situation.

If somehow you have ever experienced the same craving, then you should try some extreme exercises too. Below are the selected three.


diving deep into the seaTo free-dive is to explore the sea with minimum diving equipment. It requires no oxygen tank and no excessive protective suit. There are three categories these days: constant weight, constant no-fins, and free immersion. Humans have been searching underwater’s rich for around 2000 years. Freedivers bring that tradition alive by making it more competitive.

There are a lot of activities to do during a freedive. Spearfishing, freediving photography, or reaching the deepest parts of the ocean floor are three examples of things you can do in the sea. Also, freedivers do the sport in groups. They watch each other’s back as their hobby may cost them their lives.

However, you have to realize the price of freediving. When you reach a ten-meter depth underwater, you will experience pressure that may injure your lungs. It can scar your lungs and make you cough blood. You may also rip the tympanic membranes of your ears and cause temporary deafness. You should schedule visiting a doctor regularly if you are a freediver.

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR)

running through mudIn an obstacle course racing, you will fight against competitors and overcome physical challenges to win a race on foot. Most of the time, those obstacles resemble the ones used by military training. They are designed for maximum muscle coordination, like wall-climbing, crawling through mud, and carrying heavy objects.

The most notable OCR are Ninja Warrior, Spartan Race, and Legion Run. They create physical challenges that require agility, skill, endurance, and speed. There are also other races that are done in groups. They are meant to push the limits of a group’s teamwork, integrity, and determination.

Different OCR sport may require different sportswear. If the track includes muddy field, then you need race equipment that can compensate that terrain, such as a pair of trail running shoes. If the path requires more endurance than grip strength, then regular activewear and running shoes are enough.


flying off a mountainWingsuit-flying is an extreme sport that allows you to ride the wind while watching the exquisite views from high altitude that are only exclusive for jumpers. A wingsuit utilizes the mechanism of a flying squirrel’s air pockets. It does not use any machinery, but solely the lifting force of the wind.

A jumper often jumps from a helicopter to fly with the wingsuit. Or, a jumper can use a high-ground base, such as a mountain or a cliff, and cruise through the slopes. However, taking off from a high altitude place requires a tremendous amount of precision and focus because a little miscalculation may lead to a lethal crash.